Massage is the ultimate option for relieving stress or tension from your mind and body. An excellent massage can take you into a whole new world that is full of relaxation and peace. At The Hills Beauty Experience, you can get experience different levels of relaxation through diverse types of massages. Some of the massage options that you can avail-

  • Swedish Massage

    Full body massage using long, relaxing movements with light to firm pressure Deep Tissue Massage- full body massage using focused, deeper pressure with use of trigger point therapy in areas.

  • The Hills Signature Massage

    Combination of Swedish massage, hot stones in specified areas, cold stones on the face, and deep tissue in specified areas.

  • The Hills Luxury Massage

    Full Body Hot stone massage including coconut oil, a warm coconut oil scalp massage and a cold stone face massage.

  • Thai Reflexology

    Eastern modality (used on the feet and hands only) to stimulate the organs of the body through foot massage using a dowel stick.

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

    The manipulations of the skeletal system through light pressure and gentle holds. Helps with headaches, illness, pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    The gentle movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body to help promote a healthier functioning system. This aids in the processing of excess fluid released during the heat sculpting treatment.

  • The Hills Wellness Treatment

    A blend of Swedish massage, area specified Lymphatic Drainage, and the use of a potent CBD salve in areas specified.

  • Migraine Therapy

    Blend of modalities using cold stones, gentle massage techniques, Cranial-Sacral holds and stretching focusing on the muscles of the neck, head, shoulders, and face.

  • Prenatal Massage

    Customizable full body massage designed for the safety and comfort for expecting mothers OR those in recovery from surgery.


Incorporated within a service, but does not add time to service unless otherwise stated
Musculoskeletal Analysis (Add 10 min) $5

  • Aromatherapy$5
  • Deep Tissue$10
  • Thai Reflexology$15
  • Hot Stone$10
  • Cold Stones$10
  • Full Body Dry Brush$5
  • Pure Fiji Coconut Oil$10
  • Warm Coconut Oil Scalp Massage$15
  • Sugar Scrub (Hands OR Feet)$15
  • CBD$10
  • Cupping$15
  • Cranial Sacral$15
  • Myofascial Release$10

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