Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment Review – Does Rogaine work

Rogaine is the brand name for a drug which contains Minoxidil in 2% and 5% doses designed to combat hair loss. The main question is: Does Rogaine work?

Now, let’s find out exactly how does Rogaine work. Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen made available to the hair follicles in the scalp. The treatment tends to increase the size of blood vessels to the scalp. This increases the amount of blood that flows there. Since blood carries, with it oxygen and nutrients, the hair follicles can absorb them for their use. Rogaine also opens potassium channels for the entry of oxygen and nutrients in the cells of the follicles. This encourages the follicle to produce new hairs. The hairs start to grow and you stop losing hair.

Users of Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment should note that at the beginning of the treatment, more hairs will be lost. This is a natural but temporary phase in the cycle of hair growth. When you see your hair getting thinner, do not be dismayed and stop using Rogaine. The fact that the follicles are reacting in such a way shows that the treatment is actually effectively working. The hair will regrow as the follicle start producing new hairs.

In the first 3 months of the treatment, expect thinning of the hair. After this period, new regrowths should be noticed, by the time 6 months have passed, your hair gain will be very noticeable. You should boost of full hair that is thick with time. It does seem like a long process but that is the way the body works: slowly. If you see a treatment that will produce results within a month, then you should know that it should be dangerous as the follicles are forced to work at a faster rate than normal. That treatment could be toxic to the body and you may develop diseases or you lose all your hair.

Approved treatments Rogaine Minoxidil does not work out on the whole. It best stimulates loss control and regeneration on the head crown and mid scalp. However, this approved FDA treatment, may have less or no effect on the temples. But despite this limitation, Rogaine Minoxidil have proved to be the apple of the eye of the consumers. This approved FDA treatment has become very popular and recently acquired sales account that sums up to $700 million dollars!

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