Search web site files when they are down is a database containing  large number of viagra 30 discount Internet pages, if for some reason a site is down it will momentarily available via the “Archive”. The “curious” This project is also available through the page history.

For example, suppose we want to wholesale viagra see some time as it was a page in question, then we enter The page to visit and then ask us Archive that date and year we visit the page. This site has a curious interface, When entering the site you want to look through history, displays a set of least expensive generic viagra dates, grouped by year, we described the number of results found from a given date to end date.

What makes Archive to store the entire contents of the Website very simple but ingenious: it stores all content html of source and stores and not the images but only the codes, so when a server image image eliminates any website we visit, this is not reproduced, but is marked as a 404. In 2006 containing up to 2 petabytes Information and grew about 20 terabytes per month.

With Mozilla Firefox

Using Firefox, you can use some extensions that provide access to some of the copies hosted on viagra w overnight shipping other sites:

Cache Viewer: This extension allows me to access the web copy of the original of which I enter but, for whatever reason, are inaccessible. To do this, we can access from the context menu right-clicking the link or from any area of the website. The list of available caches is Google’s cache, q cheap viagra generic lowest pri Web archive, Coral Cache.

Archive Search is another tool that allows access to existing web archive copies in the cache of Google and other search engines.

Once installed the extension and restarted Firefox, we need to customize your Firefox toolbar to add the button that will allow us, once access demo with 404 or is temporarily fall to any of the caches mentioned, depending on the number of clicks , will lead to a cache in question in the list.

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