why is information technology important in accounting and Business

why is it importance of  technology in accounting :

Given the variety of available technologies for use in teaching, the author has tried the technology, the widespread use of accounting educators. May this information basis on which the teachers, the most appropriate media, or the practical applications in the context of accounting. Moreover, the author tries to whether there are differences between the teachers in the selection of technology and the extent to which technology is used.

There are many types of accounts:

Financial provisions of Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has asked the accounting standards: The origin and the current position of the text: The accounts. All rules and their status (date of issue as it relates to the sections, the other substances that affect them) are free at the FASB’s website and CD-ROM Fars, RIA and CCH research audit manager. See also Financial Accounting Standards Board. ”

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has developed a multi-volume looseleaf called professional standards, the principles of the AICPA. AICPA professional standards are also available with RIA Checkpoint, CCH Accounting for Research and the AICPA “CPA2Biz.com online database.

In the United Kingdom, the accounting standards by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and as the standards of the ASB. They are classified as “FRS 1″, “FRS 5″, etc. Accounting Standards Board in London.

Government: The United States Government Accounting Standards Board (Gasba) has its rules and other documents on paper or on CD-ROM, either individually or together accounting standards, the initial position or in coded Gasba codification of the Government Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards

why is information technology important in Business

“How can I get more value for our investment in our IT?” In our experience, there are four key areas that need to be treated, in order to maximize benefits from investments in IT:

Alignment of business with the

In most cases, the analysis of returns on investment, including the development or acquisition of new software is not compatible with a corporate strategy. The investments are always based on the proposals that the benefits are rarely recognized and often short term in nature, as directly with the necessary skills for the organization vision.

To ensure that each investment to support directly to the objectives of the business and the periodic review of the actual services provided by the investment since you can set the orientation in a more efficient add fair value.

Address the ability of project management

Most of them are overwhelmed with the pace of technological change and the application of the company for new features, with neither the time nor the expertise for the treatment of problems in the implementation of the project. The result of the ongoing projects in the course of time, the excess of the budget and not to an important part of a company.

Most of these problems can be avoided by good management of the project and to ensure that the structure, processes and procedures behind her and applied uniformly. This can actually be achieved by implementing a robust life of the project and the recruitment of project management to ensure implementation of the Bill for the administration.

Accept ownership and responsibility

Also, most companies are so concerned with the rapid development of markets and the expectations of customers who have little time to discuss problems in their IT department.

It is important that companies take full responsibility for the provision of information technology. It should be seen as an essential part of your core business and values must be delivered directly by the company. The emphasis on the active participation of the administration and the participation of the questions on the most important business and a case study for any improvement.

Leverage best practices

The information and best-practice software are tested and documented. Unfortunately, most IT departments are working on a process that is many years behind the best practices.

The following three areas deserve special attention in this context:

Collection Requirements:

To ensure that the needs identified and can improve the efficiency of execution of projects and minimize the costs of recovering and moving in time and cost of the project. Tools and rating as standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is important, the gap in communication that often exists between the process of design and implementation.

The Monitoring and Evaluation:

With the implementation of the project by the Government, the implementation and execution of a series of strong development of software to improve the predictability of delivery and the start of the vision of any change in the plan.

Architecture and the life cycle of the software:

Efficient Architecture and with the use of agile development, enables high quality, maximum flexibility and a low level of support and machining


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